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Our Services

Northstar Consulting is exceptional at building strategies necessary for increasing business success. Our experience in construction, engineering, smart energy, and advanced manufacturing ensures we are ready to manage even the most complex business challenges with great care and focus.

How can we build on the success of your business?

Project Management

Whether your next project is simple or complex, our team has the knowledge to bring your goal to fruition within your specifications, timeline, and budget.

Business Development

If you’re starting a business, facing market changes, or bringing a new product to market, our fact-based, data-driven approach will help you leverage your unique opportunities to increase your success.

Funding Strategy

With expertise in municipal, provincial, and federal funding options, we’ll help you attain the funding needed to make your plans possible.

Event Planning

We organize and execute events of all sizes, ranging from meetings to festivals. With meticulous attention to every aspect, including contingency plans, we prepare flawless events.

Business Plans

From assessing your financial projections to defining your mission, our team will work with you to demonstrate your business idea in a fine-tuned business plan. 

Feasibility Studies

If it’s important that you know whether your project, idea, or business proposal is viable before taking steps financially, conducting a feasibility study will quell your concerns and prepare you for success.