Business Development

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Whether you are starting a new business, facing market changes, or commercializing a new product, Northstar Consulting can help your business grow and expand. We practice a fact-based and data-driven approach to planning and strategically implementing your next steps. Our team of experts uses a multi-faceted approach to tackle your growth plans and help your organization navigate the challenging waters to prosperity. We will prioritize your actions, identify strengths and weaknesses, and take advantage of opportunities, while minimizing exposure to threats. Our strategic plans will identify what is needed to make your business grow.


We shape your business ideas and create way-forward plans that position your organization for success.

Business Plans

From assessing your financial projections to defining your mission, our team will work with you to demonstrate your business idea in a fine-tuned business plan.

Feasibility Studies

If it’s important that you know whether your project, idea, or business proposal is viable before taking steps financially, conducting a feasibility study will quell your concerns and prepare you for success.

Economic Development

As part of our vision of bringing prosperity to Northern Ontario, we assist with a variety of economic development initiatives.

Community Development

With the intention of attaining thriving communities in Northern Ontario, we work with organizations to complete community development projects.

“The SSMADC was looking for business development/attraction on its vast land space available for development.  This would allow the Airport to diversify revenue streams away from just airlines.  A partnership was formed with Northstar Consulting, SSMEDC, and the SSMADC to try and attract new business to the Industrial Park being created at the airport. To date this contract is still ongoing, however, some success has already been achieved with Humphrey Aircraft Services locating at the airport.  Business cases have also been completed for other potential operations at the airport and these are being marketed currently. Again, the process is about 2 years old at this time, and the consultants have attended trade shows on behalf of the SSMADC, built a data bank of potential clientele, and completed a number of business cases and marketing material for the SSMADC. I would say that Northstar is very efficient and effective in analyzing business opportunities and completing business cases/plans in a very timely manner at a reasonable expense.”

-Terry Bos, President & CEO SSMADC